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Petitioner: Halid Karajbic

- Unerkennung vum palestinensesche Staat - - Reconnaissance de l'État palestinien - - Recognition of the Palestinian state - - Anerkennung des palästinensischen Staates -

Purpose of the petition

The goal is that Luxembourg recognizes the Palestinian state. Out of the 27 countries in the EU, 9 have already acknowledged the State of Palestine. As of June 2023, 139 out of 193 UN member states had acknowledged the State of Palestine. Luxembourg's recognition of Palestine is a symbolic ... more

Reasons for the petition

It has been demonstrated over the years that waiting for Israel to recognize Palestine is a naive dream at best. Israel has not hesitated to construct additional illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank. They have also shown no restraint in their blockade on Gaza, which has led to a lot ... more

ended  25.03.2024
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Guillaume Bastin, Bettembourg

Vamessa Carvalho, Differdange

Tatiana Renno, Luxembourg Dommeldange

Patrick Mischel, Consdorf

Paul Albrecht, Dudelange

Frank Bertemes, CRUCHTEN

Ridwaan Hardoyal, Hesperange


Lotfi Ammar, Godbrange

Carole Marie Therese Lammers, Luxembourg

Yolande MERSCH, Luxembourg

Anastácia Popova, Differdange

Melina mataikamoana, Bertrange

Roger Klein, Beaufort

Maurice Klein, Hautcharage

Chris Gibéryen, Eischen

Durakovic Bahra, Ettelbruck

Inacio Tovim, Tétange

Elizabeth Kingett, Luxembourg

Fania Mlanao, Luxembourg